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Where to buy Marijuana light in France

Have you just booked a holiday on the French Riviera but haven't yet read up on French laws regarding cannabis consumption? Or maybe you will live in France for a while, you don't want to give up your medical cannabis and you don't know which cannabis light shop to choose?

This is the article for you, we will look at the following points together:

  1. Smoking cannabis in France
  2. Where can I buy cannabis in France
  3. Main light cannabis brands in France
  4. Terre di cannabis also ships to France

Cannabis light

Smoking cannabis in France

Throughout Europe the legislative situation on the topic of cannabis is constantly changing and coherence and clarity are not always the watchwords. France in particular is experiencing a fairly controversial situation, many French newspapers declare that the authorities themselves have difficulty expressing their opinion on the subject.

On the one hand it still proves to be extremely conservative. Consider that it is one of the few countries that has not yet introduced any program based on therapeutic cannabis. On the other hand, it sometimes surprises. In 2017, for example, it introduced an interesting regulation: the payment of a fine of around two hundred euros for the consumption of cannabis for personal use.

In short, if you are wandering around one of the many arrondissements of Paris with a joint in hand and you don't have more than ten grams of weed with you, you can get away with a fair fine and go home peacefully.

Intelligent choice, aimed at saving the forces and energy of the authorities to concentrate them on operations of a completely different scope. A liberal choice, if we think that until a few years ago the French law was among the strictest for cannabis consumption. For legal hemp , however, the situation is more ambiguous.

French law provides that hemp seeds and fibers can be processed, as long as the THC content does not exceed 0.2% . In French cannabis light shops you will therefore find CBD oil extracted from hemp, which can be smoked with electronic cigarettes for sale. But in the inflorescences, listen, THC must not be present. The flowers, bloomed precisely for that purpose, cannot be smoked and the various cannabis shop owners would be required to specify this.

French law also prohibits defining the substance as therapeutic cannabis, despite countless research demonstrating its actual benefits. In short, light marijuana would not, under French law, be intended for consumption. It should therefore be sold as a collector's item or as an air freshener.

Cannabis light

Where can I buy light cannabis in France

From the first light cannabis shop, which opened its doors at the beginning of June 2018 in the 11th arrondissement of Paris to today, many steps forward have been made. The first cannabis shop, or rather legal marijuana shop, opened as often happens in these cases, thanks to a regulatory gap.

From that moment on, one light cannabis shop after another began to open. However, most of these activities had many problems with the authorities precisely because of the problems mentioned in the previous paragraph. Someone because of the declared THC content , someone else for not having made it clear enough that the flowers cannot be smoked (so what can we do with it?) or for having let slip that it was medical cannabis.

Many shops were accused of being a threat to public health and forced to close. Others, however, reopened, riding an all-European light-friendly marijuana wave. In response to a legislature that is still very slow and uncertain in its decision-making processes, the French have proven combative and have tried to safeguard not only the underlying idea, but also their own jobs, contributing significantly to the country's economy.

To date, legislative disputes continue but rest assured, it won't be difficult to find a light cannabis shop in France. You will find many of them in the various arrondissements of Paris, but also in Provence , Normandy , Burgundy and the Côte d'Azur. In most French cannabis light shops, you should also find various types of electronic cigarettes and everything you need to vaporize cannabis light.

On the French Riviera as in other very tourist destinations, you may also come across light marijuana vending machines open 24 hours a day.

Main light cannabis brands in France

If you are looking for native brands of legal cannabis or typical French light marijuana, you are off track. By stipulating that the only workable and marketable parts of hemp are the fiber and seeds, the law discourages the processing of the flowers for commercial purposes.

Cannabis light

Here's a paradoxical fact: most of the European legal hemp crops are found in France. However, self-production would cost too much legal and bureaucratic effort, which is why France rightly chooses to import quality products from Italy or Switzerland.

The quality of Swiss legal cannabis is certainly high, but the problem is that the THC content can reach up to 1%, so then the owners of cannabis shops are forced to treat the products to wash out the THC and this process does not take place always in a natural way.

The legal hemp that comes from Italy, on the other hand , in addition to falling within the European parameters set for consumption, benefits from a great agricultural experience completely equal to that of France. Just recently the French law had objections on the subject of importation, but fortunately the advocate general of the Court of Justice of the European Union expressed a very clear opinion: "ban the trade of light cannabis and other based products of CBD extracted from hemp is a practice that contravenes community rules on the free movement of goods.”

In summary, you want to vape legal marijuana and you are in front of a vending machine or in a French light cannabis shop: if you can, choose a certified Italian brand and you won't go wrong.

Terre di Cannabis also ships to France

Probably at this point, rather than wandering around light cannabis shops in search of a good certified brand, you could consider ordering legal marijuana directly to your home, even if you are lying on a sunbed on a beach on the French Riviera.

Cannabis light

Our company, Terre di Cannabis, born with the ambitious goal of offering the best legal marijuana, ships to twenty-six countries and obviously also to France. Our products, 100% organic and certified, are grown naturally, without pesticides and with the utmost respect for the environment.

In addition to inflorescences, on our site you will also find different types of CBD oil and everything you need to vaporize cannabis light. If you are in France, your legal cannabis will arrive within seven working days in an anonymous package, for just ten euros in shipping costs.

For orders within the national territory, however, we arrive in forty-eight hours for only five euros in shipping costs. You can order on our website or more conveniently via WhatsApp . We care a lot about the safety of our customers so we only choose guaranteed and safe payment methods. You can choose to make a bank transfer, use your credit card or pay cash on delivery. For any questions, doubts or curiosities, feel free to contact our customer service on WhatsApp.

We like the idea that the quality of our land and the passion for our work can be at your disposal, everywhere and in just a few clicks.

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