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How is cannabis stored?

In this article we will tell you about the tricks and secrets for best preserving cannabis. We all know that when we have marijuana flowers available we are required to store them well, otherwise the active ingredients will be lost. Storing grass is a very important step if you want to benefit from all the beneficial properties contained in it, specifically we will talk to you about:

  1. Preserve to preserve
  2. Cannabis as a natural remedy
  3. But how is marijuana stored?
  4. Some solutions
  5. Useful tips

Cannabis and CBD

Preserve to preserve

How is cannabis stored? This question, which until recently seemed to be a "question" that interested few, has become usual and routine. Especially in this historical moment, in which we see the widespread and worldwide diffusion of Cannabis on a daily basis.

Thanks to the growing development of the light hemp market , which in some ways has cleared some prejudices. And thanks to greater awareness among people. More and more of them are "turning" to Cannabis as a natural and alternative remedy .

Cannabis as a natural remedy

Today's society, thanks to the constant work of the scientific community, is increasingly demonstrating an active interest in therapeutic cannabis . Specific studies on individual pathologies have multiplied in recent years. Even politics seems to be "awakening" from the torpor that has gripped it for too many years.

In fact, there is an ever-increasing number of inputs that doctors, with their publications, and scientists with their research, are launching as a challenge. To the world of politics and civil society. A battle that starts with patients' rights, and which should end with people's well-being.

For all these reasons Cannabis is entering our daily lives . And with it all the secrets and peculiarities of a plant with unique potential. But about which too little is known.

Many times cultivation is thought of as the most important process in the entire supply chain. In fact that's how it is! Cultivating correctly is the first fundamental step. But that is not all.

Although cultivation is the procedure that requires the most commitment, due to a question of time, and the amount of work involved, drying, curing and the way to preserve Cannabis are equally fundamental steps .

If we want to obtain good quality results.

Drying cannabis

But how is marijuana stored?

Storing Cannabis correctly will help ensure product quality over time . When we buy Cannabis, or better yet when we grow it, (we will have a greater quantity available) we must store it in the most correct way possible. This is to keep some of the main compounds unchanged. Especially the trichomes, terpenes and individual cannabinoids present in the Cannabis plant.

The first factor, one of the fundamental pillars to take into consideration when we deal with conservation is humidity . If the raw material is too dry there is a risk of compromising the active ingredient of the buds.

If, on the other hand, the buds of your Cannabis are too humid , there is a real possibility that mold will form . Excessive humidity could cause various other types of problems, which is why it is a fundamental parameter. And to be kept under close control!

This first precaution is essential. Humidity must always be contained within a range that varies between 59% and 63%.

If the humidity value is under your attention, you will have a solid guarantee of preserving your inflorescences in the most correct way. Without losing the quality and chemical composition of your flowers. In fact, the resins, terpenes and trichomes will keep their natural characteristics intact. Avoiding the presence of mold. Keeping the buds unchanged, soft, aromatic and with the specific components "loaded" with the active ingredient.

Cannabis should be stored in a cool place, away from sunlight. Exactly as indicated for some long-life foods. Current law obliges companies to affix the following words to their products: "Keep in a cool place away from sunlight".

Marijuana should be stored in the same way: in a slightly cold place, away from heat sources, with a constant temperature and in the absence of sunlight.

In fact, light has the power to break down the molecules of THC and other cannabinoids (Cbd, Cbg, Cbn etc...). Especially sunlight, with the presence of rays (UVA, Gamma etc.) generated by the solar system.

Some solutions

To preserve our Cannabis for a long time we have the possibility of using different tools. Especially to keep the humidity level under control.

Cannabis drying

Glass jars represent the most convenient solution. Also for the possibility of easily finding them on the market. You must be careful to check that there are rubber gaskets. Solid and insulating. This is to ensure total closure. Therefore in the (almost complete) absence of air. Another thing, remember: don't fill the entire jar. Leave some space free to preserve the shape and texture of the flowers.

Vacuum bags . Vacuum bags are essentially divided into two categories: those for food and those used for clothes. In the first case, plastic bags have a capacity of up to 1 kg of cannabis and are ideal for "home" storage.

For those who, let's say, are a lover of auto-flowering and don't have "too much" material to keep for a long time. With this system you will be guaranteed to eliminate all the air if you use the appropriate machine. The only downside is the pressure exerted on the buds, changing the natural connotation of Cannabis flowers . But only from a purely aesthetic point of view. In fact, cannabis will keep all its organoleptic properties intact.

Plastic bags for clothes . The principle is the same as the previous one, with the variant of having a larger capacity available. The seal is also watertight and guarantees an hermetic closure and a total absence of air. Given their larger dimensions, it can be said that they are more suitable for seasonal growers, and in any case when you have a lot of material to conserve.

Both the latter and the food bags have been patented for use also in the fridge and freezer. Especially those who use Cannabis on a therapeutic level will find benefits , because they constantly need large supplies to keep available.

Humidifiers . Another tool that we can use for our purposes are humidifiers. As the word itself says, they are tools capable of maintaining constant humidity . Especially over time. The (quite large) limitation is that they are laboratory instruments, with high costs and are not easy to find. However, the result is very professional and guaranteed. Recommended for those who grow and need to conserve large supplies.

Compression . The last method we want to propose for preserving buds is compression. A mechanical tool that uses molds or other elements that can "crush" the raw material and make the Cannabis compact and condensed into a small volume .

The main warning: the pressed cannabis must be wrapped precisely (without the presence of air). And watch out for mushrooms! The pressure could generate the presence of some fungi which, if not eliminated, can spread to the entire contents.

Cannabis light

Useful tips

Use only glass jars. Never plastic. Stored cannabis may lose its specifications because the plastic promotes the presence of moisture.

Maintain a clean environment . Both as regards the bags (if you have decided for this conservation), and as regards the working environment (especially for growers who have to deal with significant quantities of plant material).

This is a fundamental step to avoid contamination of various types with our Cannabis. Pathogens, bacteria and fungi that come from outside could develop. As said: no sunlight! Sunlight would destroy the active ingredients present in Cannabis.

If you have practiced all the steps, you will be able to store your marijuana in the best way.

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