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Weed vaporizer: how to use it?

In this article we will explain how a cutting-edge device works, which avoids combustion and is economical: the herb vaporizer .

We will tell you the tricks and secrets to better enjoy the vapor extracted from the herb compared to the nicotine from cigarettes.

Then we will make a comparison between desktop vaporizers and portable ones and finally we will analyze two of the best portable vaporizers around: Migthy Vs DaVinci IQ2 . Read the whole article to find out if the vaporizer is the right tool for your needs.


  1. Why use a vaporizer?
  2. How do you use the vaporizer?
  3. Smoking or vaping: the differences
  4. The boiling point of cannabinoids
  5. Desktop vaporizer: what is it?
  6. What is portable vaporizer
  7. Volcano Vs Mighty
  8. Mighty Vs DaVinci Iq2
  9. A few tips for top vaping
  10. Vaporizing cannabis is the future

Cannabis light

Why use a vaporizer?

Vaping light marijuana should be the only permitted way to consume cannabis. Why?

Because it's not as bad as smoking a joint! Of course, everyone likes the sensation of heat generated by combustion, but smoking is bad for you and ignoring the problem is irresponsible.

Furthermore, by using the vaporizer you do not give up the flavor and smell of marijuana, on the contrary, vaporization allows you to extract many more cannabinoids , allowing you to reach the most suitable temperature for each active ingredient.

How does vaporization work? Each device is equipped with a small resistance, which heats - directly or indirectly - the marijuana placed inside the heating chamber.

By subjecting marijuana to heat, the vaporizer promotes the extraction of essential oils and active ingredients which are "expelled" in the form of vapor .

It is the healthy substitute for the smoke that comes from a joint, but it does not contain the harmful substances that are generated by combustion, such as tar, mothballs, benzene and other toxic substances.

Burning a weed bud can generate heat up to 1000 degrees, while in vaporization the temperature never exceeds 180-200 degrees . In this way, in addition to not producing harmful substances, the cannabinoids are extracted without burning them, thanks to the possibility of reaching the correct temperature for the extraction of a specific active ingredient.

Cannabis light

Using a vaporizer is also an economical choice .

It certainly requires a larger initial expense than purchasing papers and filters, but in the long run it will allow you to save on the amount of weed consumed: as soon as the cannabis comes into contact with the flame, the cannabinoids are released in one fell swoop, but most oils literally go up in smoke.

In fact , 88% of smoke resulting from burned cannabis does not contain any cannabinoids , compared to 90% of cannabinoids contained in vapor .

With vaporization, in fact, the herb is subjected to lower temperatures, which saves most of the cannabinoids and terpenes. THC, for example, boils at around 157° and with vaporization you take in around 46% of the active ingredient.

Thirdly, using the vaporizer will allow you to say goodbye to the annoying smell of smoke , which you will have become accustomed to by now if you are a frequent consumer of cannabis.

With vaporization you will forget about the smell on your clothes and hair, because the vapor produced disperses in a few seconds without leaving a trace.

Da vinci vaporizer

How do you use the vaporizer?

Vaping is probably easier than packing a joint .

The operation is very similar to that of the much more widespread electronic cigarettes ; the only difference is that e-cigs heat a liquid, while the vaporizer heats the herb and releases its active ingredients and terpenes.

Each vaporizer consists of a battery, resistance and heating chamber.

The battery is essential especially for portables (also for pen vaporizers), while for table top vaporizers it becomes a minor plus.

The resistance instead heats the herb, with which it may or may not be in direct contact , inside the heating chamber, which fills with steam.

It's not difficult, but there are some tricks you need to know to avoid making mistakes:

Herb vaporizer Choose grass that is not too dry

The vaporizer works best if the buds are still "humid" (but not too much), because it can use the water contained in them to heat the flowers without burning them.

However, if the herb is too dry or old, the evaporation of the "active ingredients" will not be excellent.

Fill the fire pit evenly

Distributing the cannabis evenly and compactly within the heating chamber will bring you pleasant and tasty hits.

If you use a conduction vaporizer, for example, fill it with smaller quantities than a convection vaporizer.

Warm up the resistance well before first use

Modern vaporizers heat up in a very short time, but it is essential to have patience and wait for complete heating before doing your vaping session.

It's best to start with short puffs and gradually increase the intensity of your puffs.

Mix well

Regardless of the type of vaporizer you use, it's a good idea to stir your buds in the bowl every now and then .

However, if you use a conduction device, stirring is not advice, it's an order! In these cases, in fact, there is a risk of the cannabis burning if it is not exposed to heat evenly.

Grind marijuana properly

Also in this case, depending on the type of device you need to chop the herb differently .

Conduction devices require very fine cannabis to be able to expose all the particles to the heat evenly, while convection vaporizers, on the other hand, prefer coarser chopped herb.

herb vaporizer Smoking or vaping: the differences

What are the main differences between these two ways of taking cannabis?

The combustion of cannabis is identical - in its methods - to that of tobacco , with which the substance is often mixed precisely so that it can burn better.

And we know, smoking is bad for you. The recommended temperature for optimal cannabis intake is around 170° , but combustion reaches much higher peaks.

This, in addition to generating carcinogenic substances that are absorbed by the body, literally sends much of the THC contained in the herb up in smoke.

In fact, THC does not like temperatures above 157°, and in fact the quantity of active ingredient absorbed through combustion is never greater than 25%.

When burned, the molecules of cannabis break down and give rise to so-called free radicals , which generate toxins that are very harmful to the body.

Targeted analyzes have shown that the smoke released from joints contains only 10% cannabinoids . While the remaining part is made up of combustible products, including the so-called PAHs, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Vaporization is certainly the best way, both to protect our health and to be sure to take in the greatest quantity of active ingredient possible .

With vaporization it is possible to control the temperature to which cannabis is subjected, with the result of saving a large part of cannabinoids and terpenes.

THC boils at around 157°, with the result that you can take in around 46% of the substance contained in vaporized weed .

Unlike the smoke released by the joint, the vapor contains approximately 90% cannabinoids and only 10% other substances, which are however less harmful than those generated by combustion at very high temperatures.

Cannabis Vs Tobacco The boiling point of cannabinoids

There is a temperature range in which cannabinoid components are released , and that range can only be controlled through vaporization.

Keeping the temperatures to which we subject our weed under control also allows us to better manage the high .

If only experience can show you which high satisfies you best, the ideal temperature for extracting a wide range of psychoactive compounds is 185°C.

The average optimal temperature for Cannabis is between 180° and 210°C . A temperature below 190°C tends to produce a more cerebral effect, while higher temperatures release a more corporeal high .

THC chemical formula

Below is some information on the temperatures preferred by individual cannabinoids .

Even though some of them prefer temperatures above 200 degrees, providing them with all that heat would cause them to burn anyway, so it's best to keep them below 180 degrees.

THC – 157°C

THC is the most famous cannabinoid and mainly responsible for the psychoactive effect of cannabis. It produces both euphoric and analgesic effects and induces a great feeling of relaxation.

CBD – 160/180°C

CBD is the cannabinoid most suitable for therapeutic use, thanks to its numerous beneficial properties. It partially counteracts the effects of THC and is effective in treating disorders such as anxiety and paranoia.

Delta-8-THC – 175/178 °C

This cannabinoid is the little brother of THC, but it is more stable and less psychoactive and has exceptional antiemetic properties.

CBN – 185°C

CBN is usually present in cannabis in small quantities, but its effects are felt. It counteracts THC and has a sedative effect.

Terpenoids and flavonoids are less well known than the more famous cannabinoids, but are still present to an important extent in cannabis.

Flavonoids are plant pigments, sometimes referred to as Vitamin P.

Terpenoids are structurally related to terpenes and are present in many plants. In part they contribute to giving the plant the unique quality of its aroma .

Terpenoids and flavonoids are partly responsible for the appearance, flavor, and smell of a particular strain.

Light marijuana What is a desktop vaporizer

Desktop vaporizers, also called desktop vaporizers they are excellent devices designed and conceived to be used from a fixed location and therefore not in movement.

They offer magnificent performance to those who choose to vaporize cannabis light or marijuana exclusively at home.

The reason you can't move them, other than size, is the fact that most of these devices it must be powered by electricity .

Both this type of vaporizer and the portable one work through a heating system that controls the temperature and therefore never causes combustion.

The heating system can be conduction , i.e. the herbs we want to heat come into direct contact with the heat source. 

Convection , i.e. when the substance and heat source do not touch each other directly. Or hybrid, i.e. a mix of the two methods.

Most desktop vaporizers use a convection heating method, which delivers high quality steam .

The size of a teapot, the home vaporizer can be defined in all respects as a small appliance that keeps us company and helps us if we are using cannabis for therapeutic reasons or simply to relax when we feel like it.

Legal cannabis

Let's see some table models:

  • Volcano Classic : produced by a reliable and very valid German company, Storz&Bickel, is undoubtedly the best desktop vaporizer on the market, also according to consumers.

Used routinely and officially by doctors for treatments based on therapeutic cannabis , it can be used not only as a vaporizer for marijuana but also for waxes and oils.

It is available in two versions. The Volcano Classic with an analog system and a knob to control the temperature. And the version Hybrid , which has a digital display and an app to connect to your devices to customize some parameters.

In both cases, the high quality of the vapor and the purity of the taste are guaranteed by the convection mechanism.

The vapor is collected in a balloon equipped with a straw, which once filled, you can detach for vaporize cannabis light or your favorite weed strain.

The balloons have a valve that acts as an adapter and makes maintenance very easy. The Hybrid version also offers a rubber hose to make cannabis consumption even more flexible.

The product comes with a set of six Easy Valve , i.e. the balloons we just talked about, already included. Since this is the top of the range among desktop vaporizers, the high price which is matched by the high quality of the product should not surprise us.

  • Arizer v Tower : at a much lower price we find this Canadian product, which guarantees good vapor quality and reliable performance.

It has a ceramic heating chamber and an automatic shut-off system.

The Arizer v tower is also equipped with a balloon but unlike the Volcano Classic or the Hybrid, it does not have a valve that acts as an adapter.

This, along with the fact that it is for the most part Made of glass , they make maintenance not exactly simple and easy. With this marijuana vaporizer it is not possible to vaporize waxes or oils.

  • Arizer Extreme Q : from the same company as the Arizer v Tower, this desktop vaporizer maintains the characteristics of the other model but has a digital display and in addition to the balloon, it also comes with a flexible rubber tube. It is inspired by the Volcano Hybrid but maintains a lower price and good but not optimal performance.
  • Herborizer sphere : entirely made of borosilicate glass, the material used to build laboratory instruments so to speak, it is also ideal for vaporizing oils and waxes. The quality of the vapor obtained is more than good, the only disadvantage is that it is possible to regulate the temperature only in the xl version of the device, obviously at a higher cost.

What is a portable vaporizer

A portable vaporizer is a device for vaporizing light cannabis or marijuana, whose main feature is precisely the portability.

It is a small object, to be kept in your pocket and taken out when necessary. The steam it releases is almost transparent, therefore not invasive at all.

Most portable vaporizers provide excellent temperature control and high vapor quality. Also in this case a heating system is used, whether induction, conduction or hybrid.

If we want stop smoking and we are used to doing this everywhere, a weed vaporizer can be a valid substitute and ally, which will allow us to vaporize light cannabis, weed or extracts wherever we are and whenever we want.

Let's see some portable vaporizers:

  • Mighty : the first in the ranking, it is considered the best portable vaporizer on the market.
Herb vaporizer

It is an excellent product from the trusted Storz&Bickel.

Easy to handle and robust, it has a hybrid heating system that guarantees very high vapor quality.

The temperature control is very precise and a LED display tells us when it is set. 

A big plus point is the long battery life which reaches up to an hour and a half without batting an eyelid. The price corresponds to the high quality of performance.

  • Da Vinci IQ2-Graphite : beats the Mighty in terms of vapor quality and temperature control. It is a very innovative portable vaporizer, it even allows you to customize the air flow . Connected to a special app, it is able to detect the preferred dosage for a tailor-made experience. It has a conduction heating system and is very easy to clean. Also in this case price and quality they find a match.
  • Flowermate slick : ideal for a first experience with a portable vaporizer, it stands out for its value for money. It looks like a pocket pen, it works by conduction and the borosilicate glass mouthpiece guarantees high quality steam . Easy to disassemble for cleaning, it has a fine and elegant design. Given the very modest price, it is worth taking into consideration.

Volcano Vs Mighty

It happens that those who are about to choose a vaporizer are undecided between the two models considered the top of the range: the Volcano Classic , the best desktop vaporizer on the market or its portable and equally famous younger brother Mighty .

We like to consider them brothers because they are made by the same parent company, which had the same attention for the second as for the first.

The high quality of the Mighty's vapor, guaranteed by its hybrid system, has nothing to envy that of the Volcano Classic or Hybrid.

If the maintenance of this home vaporizer is simple, that of its portable brother is even more so. The temperature control system is extremely precise in both products.

Light marijuana

The robustness of the medical materials with which it is built and the above-average life of its battery give the Mighty the robustness of a home vaporizer, not just any but the best desktop vaporizer.

If you are looking for the purity and reliability of the Volcano Classic even while you are out and about living your life, choose the Mighty, which can undoubtedly be considered its portable version and can be yours at a much lower price.

Mighty vs Davinci IQ2

There are many types of herb vaporizers , but all models are divided into two macro categories , distinguished based on the heating methods: conduction vaporizers and convection vaporizers.

The difference between the two is the way the dried herbs are heated . In conduction vaporizers the herb is in direct contact with the resistance, while in convection vaporizers the heating occurs through a flow of hot air, without ever letting the herb come into contact with the resistance.

There are also hybrid vaporizers, which combine the two technologies.

We have compared two very popular vaporizers at the moment. These are different devices, the first hybrid and the second conduction.

MYGHTY is a very easy to use, battery powered, high performance portable vaporizer with precise electronic control.

It is the result of years of development by the Storz and Bickel company, the undisputed leader in the sector, which once again offers us a vaporizer with a unique and unforgettable experience.

Like its little brother, the Crafty+ , this vaporizer is also made to last and to impress. The air heater provides heat throughout the vape, and the vapor is released from the first puff.

It has a bright LED screen that shows the current and set temperatures and vibrates when it is reached.

Through the digital pressure gauge the user can set the temperature in a range between 40°C and 210°C .

It is equipped with a double lithium ion battery , which ensures fast heating and allows you to vape for hours.

Like all other Storz and Bickel products, the Mighty vaporizer is produced in Germany, in compliance with European and North American standards and regulations for household appliances.

DAVINCI IQ2 on the other hand is a conduction vaporizer, compact and lightweight (it weighs only 159 grams), protected by a brushed aluminum body.

It is an updated remake of the Davinci IQ vaporizer, the result of the expertise of a leading company in the sector.

Compared to the previous model, Davinci IQ2 is equipped with an airflow control wheel.

It is also equipped with many accessories for transport and cleaning.

It has a very wide temperature range, ranging from 38°C to 220°C : in this way it allows perfect extraction of all the cannabinoids, without risking losing the active ingredient. It comes from a family of excellent vaporizers and was one of the most anticipated new releases of 2020.

It has an extraordinary vapor quality and the possibility of varying the air flow is an absolute novelty .

By increasing the quantity of air the vapor will be fresher and more diluted, while for tastier and more voluminous clouds it is necessary to reduce it; furthermore the quantity of air changes the resistance of the shots.

Davinci IQ2 also allows you to vaporize oils and extracts and is equipped with all the accessories.

The path that the steam takes, from the vaporization chamber to the mouthpiece, is completely ceramic and never touches metal or plastic parts to guarantee the best quality of the steam.

A few tips for top vaping

If it is to be vaporized, the herb must not be too dry , because you risk vaporizing it very quickly and bringing it to the boil too quickly if the temperature is too high.

This highly depends on the situation and the cannabis strain used. You have to make some attempts and lower the temperature the drier the grass is.

grass grinder

However, if you use fresh buds, the humidity will be high and sometimes the vaping process may be difficult.

There is a very useful trick to solve the problem, called "the flavonoid race" . You set the vaporizer to a temperature between 138-148°C and fill the balloon with steam, so that it dries out some of the moisture in the herb.

At this point it should be dry enough to vape effectively at the THC temperature and

Vaporizing cannabis is the future

Vaporizers are one of the smartest inventions of the last fifty years. One way so as not to give up the consumption of cannabis , but rather to best enhance its properties and above all enjoy it pure , without the hateful and harmful nicotine.

Think about that combustion, in addition to damaging your lungs, burns and disperses, as we have already said, almost double the THC or CBD content. Reducing the psychoactive effect of the former and the therapeutic effect of the latter by almost half. Vaporization, on the other hand, allows you to check the temperature so as to achieve evaporation and not combustion of the substance.

As we have seen, some devices do it by conduction, others by convection, and still others like the Mighty, they are formidable hybrids .

It goes without saying that choosing a weed vaporizer means transforming the experience into a high quality experience.

Most vaporizers are really easy to use.

It's important chop the grass with a special grass grinder in order to create the ideal consistency. Then it will be enough insert the grass into the dedicated chamber , adjust the temperature , wait a few seconds and enjoy the high quality of your product.

In this regard, if your intention is to vape high quality light cannabis , don't forget to take a look at our site where in addition to your portable vaporizer, you could find the variety of light marijuana which is right for you.

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