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CBD & CBG Flowers Premium XL

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    XL Premium: the best quality does not exclude the best price

    XL Premium is ideal for getting a nice supply of light cannabis. Amnesia CBD , Jack Frost CBG , Purple Haze CBD , White CBG or Master Kush – choose your strain.

    The great thing is that the more weed you buy, the more the price drops, up to 2.30 euros per gram. Here are the available formats: 10g, 20g, 30g, 40g, 50g, 60g.

    With THC levels always lower than 0.2%, our CBD and CBG flowers are free of psychotropic effects. Furthermore, both molecules are free of side effects and can therefore be taken lightly.

    CBG, CBD, THC: let's see the difference

    • Cannabigerol (CBG) not only allows the hemp plant to synthesize all the active ingredients but is also rich in beneficial properties. Among these, the antibacterial and analgesic properties, the ability to reduce intraocular pressure and the relaxing effect stand out. CBD and CBG are legal in Italy.
    • Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most famous non-psychoactive cannabinoid. CBD stands out for its anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.
    • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the only psychoactive cannabinoid and perhaps for this reason the most famous. Although it is often linked to recreational consumption, THC is also used in the medical field.

    Want to read more? We have published an article on the main difference between CBD and CBG

    The 3 pillars of our quality

    • We put immense care and great awareness into the cultivation of our plants. We have abolished herbicides, heavy metals and chemical fertilizers. In this way we protect the environment and promote biodiversity with the certainty of offering safe and high quality hemp flowers.
    • For qualitative analysis we rely on external laboratories that have innovative instruments and use cutting-edge analytical techniques, allowing us to offer you guaranteed inflorescences of undoubted quality.
    • Our supply chain is short and we manage it internally. This is a decisive advantage because it gives us control over the entire production process.

    Our 5 varieties: what distinguishes them?

    Diva (Amnesia) – Light cannabis to unwind

    Amnesia is a variety of hemp sativa . It is appreciated and known throughout the world for its natural aroma and tremendously energizing effect.

    Diva fully reflects its appetizing terpene profile and with 22% CBD it is one of our most powerful strains. It is therefore in the evening that these flowers are at their best. If you were looking for a good way to slip smoothly into a restful sleep, Diva could be for you.

    If instead you were looking for a strain more suitable for the morning, you could try Volare .

    Stella (Purple Haze) – The purple herb that makes green mice see pain

    If a Purple Haze plant meets a Stella plant it says: hello sister! Everything you love in Purple can also be found in Stella, but 100% legal.

    With an active ingredient percentage of 22%, Stella also shines at dusk. However, it is a precious ally at any time you find yourself struggling with muscle tension, migraines or menstrual pain.

    Briosa (Jack Frost CBG) – A strain that doesn't like pain

    Briosa is the fruit of the hard work of our master hemp grower. The goal was to create a strain that would fully exploit CBG – and we achieved it.

    The CBG content is very high, 20%. This variety of legal cannabis is perfect for combating pain, even of an inflammatory nature. To enhance its therapeutic effect we recommend taking it together with a CBD strain.

    Fatale (White CBG) – Legal marijuana for relaxation

    Here too we take our hats off to the master hemp grower, capable of creating a variety with a very high CBG content and a very refined terpene profile.

    20% CBG is not a little. When after running, jumping or cycling you feel like your muscles have ended up in the brambles, Fatale is ready to help them.

    Aria (Master Kush)

    Aria-Master Kush is a light cannabis inflorescence grown along the slopes of Velino, in the mountainous heart of Abruzzo. The purity of the mountain air, a natural and organic cultivation, free of pesticides and heavy metals and conducted in harmony with natural cycles, are reflected in a genuine and high quality product. Sustainability and the protection of natural resources are an integral part of Terre di Cannabis' philosophy and characterize every stage of the production chain, entirely managed by the company. In this way Terre di Cannabis offers its customers true Italian excellence.

    Taste, aroma, effect: what can you expect?

    Diva (Amnesia) – Powerful and Fragrant

    The scent is intense and persistent, as it should be. Fresh notes of grass and wood dominate, but there is no shortage of delicate citrus hints that make themselves felt more decisive when tasted.

    Diva boasts an extremely high active ingredient rate. Do you know when at the end of the day you want to relax but your body and mind don't agree? In such cases these tops can be very persuasive.

    Stella (Purple Haze) – Fruity and intense

    These cannabis flowers release an intense strawberry aroma, which mixes with that good scent of freshly cut grass that those who love Haze know well.

    Stella also stands out for its high CBD content, 22%. When the stress from the head passes to the shoulders and wants to go down to the back, this light marijuana variety puts it back in its place.

    Briosa (Jack Frost CBG) – Rich and spicy

    The terpene profile is sweet and slightly spicy with clear hints of cinnamon. The woody and intense flavor leads to a sugary and persistent aftertaste on the palate.

    Immediately, cannabigerol has a relaxing effect. Over time it can strengthen the immune system. With 20% active ingredient, our version of Jack Frost has you covered even in the harshest winters.

    Fatale (White CBG) – Herbaceous and strong

    The aroma is herbaceous with pungent notes of musk. The flavor surprises with its softness and sweet and persistent aftertaste.

    With its high CBG content, we are talking about 20%, Briosa has a very relaxing effect. In fact, cannabigerol stimulates the production of serotonin . This cannabis strain is therefore excellent for managing panic attacks and improving mood.

    Aria (Master Kush)

    Like its inspiration, Aria-Master Kush features buds of medium to small size, emerald green, often covered with a dense network of deep orange pistils that can fade into golden streaks.

    These marijuana flowers are extremely resinous, thanks to the high concentration of trichomes, the short, thick silvery white protuberances in which most of the active ingredient, in our case CBD, is concentrated.

    The aroma incorporates all the characteristics that have made Master Kush one of the most popular Indicas on the market. The natural and intense flavor is broken up by woody and citrus notes attributable to the notable concentration of limonene, a terpene highly appreciated for its numerous therapeutic properties.

    They release earthy and citrus notes with a light touch of incense, it is a completely new aroma, the result of a great work of selection and subsequent mixing of precious and rare terpenes.

    The CBD content is 20% and therefore guarantees a relaxing, powerful and long-lasting effect, which goes perfectly with the exquisitely Indica qualities of this fine variety.

    How best to take our light hemp?

    When we talk about cannabis and its intake many people immediately think of joints . However, these involve combustion which is terribly harmful and destroys around 80% of the active ingredient. To avoid all this we recommend vaping our weed . Read our post if you want to find out how to choose the best vape for cannabis

    With a vaporizer it is also possible to regulate the temperature in order to fully exploit the characteristic terpene profile of each variety. Our inflorescences can thus become a window onto the magical world of smell, a sense that is too often underestimated.

    Are our buds legal?

    Certain. All our light hemp plants are controlled and EU certified. The inflorescences have a THC content of less than 0.2% and are perfectly within the legal limits. You can therefore order them with ease. Our CBD and CBG flowers are legal in the EU.

    In our online shop you will also find CBD oils and a selection of seeds .

    How does the purchase work?

    It's very simple. You order and we deliver, in Italy and throughout Europe.

    For delivery you can count on speed, reliability and great discretion. To pay you can use your credit card, make a bank transfer or wait for delivery (in Italy). To order you must be an adult. Find out more about shipping

    THC < 0.2%

    If you have any doubts or questions we recommend you take a look at theFAQ page. Alternatively you can contact us via Whatsapp, a number active only for messages: +393489216655

    CBD &amp; CBG Flowers Premium XL